Home Automation installation and programming

The days of having only one light per room and a few power points scattered throughout the house are well and truly behind us. Today we live in an age run by computers, so it’s only natural that our homes are following this trend. With technology comes simplicity and this is where home automation comes in. Imagine being able to click a single button on your tablet which results in the lights dimming, air conditioning set to a comfortable 20 degrees, TV turning on and switches to your Netflix home screen – ready for you to curl up with your favourite TV series. This is all possible with home automation. Here at Beachside we thrive off being able to bring all of these things together and make your home one that has a brain and works with you to make your life as easy as it can. We specialize in the designing, installation, programming and commissioning of Clipsal C-Bus, Phillips Dynalite, Savant and Push Controls by Schneider Electric. We will be there every step of the way. We know where every cable is, we know how every action has been programmed, we know what product goes where – taking care of your home automation needs from start to finish.

New homes and renovations

Beachside Electrical specialises in taking care of all your electrical needs when building a new home or renovating. We pay attention to every little detail to ensure your home’s electrical requirements are exactly how you want it to be. We have the knowledge and experience from many successful jobs to know what works and will happily make recommendations. We will do all of the thinking for you and take all relevant precautions to ensure your home is a safe and electrically advanced yet simple place for you and your family to live.

Switchboard installations and relocations

Your family’s safety is what matters most in life. A lot of people seem to forget that your electrical switchboard has a lot to do with your family’s safety in your home. Old fuses and dodgy cabling can result in fires and should be replaced with new cables and combination safety switches/circuit breakers (RCBO’s). Having your switchboard upgraded, relocated or installed is no issue for us. Whether you want to have no overhead cabling to your house or not we can take care of every stage of your switchboard needs.


Homes these days have a lot crammed into them. The most important thing would have to be the lighting throughout your home. There is nothing worse than not having enough light in sections of your house resulting in dark spots or shadowing. We have been working with lights for a long time, we know the best places to position them, what types of lights are best for certain areas and how many of them we need to put in. Not only with light but how you switch them on is important. There is nothing worse than having to walk to the far end of a room to turn your lights on. We will look at your floor plan and do full electrical designs for everything electrical in your home. whether it be a home automation home or not, We know where everything needs to go and can give you details plans for these installations.

Intercoms and access control

Having a beautiful place to call home is the great Australian dream. Naturally, regardless how big or small, it is important to keep your home safe and secure. The options for intercoms and access control are endless. With everything connecting to the internet these days, IP intercoms are the best way to provide access to your home, whether you are home at the time or not. Consider the option of having multiple internal colour display touch screens with 2-way communication between door stations and internal monitors. Connect your intercom so that when guests arrive, a call is placed to your mobile. Even when you’re not home you can be alerted via your mobile and able to answer the call, talk to whoever is at the gate and even unlock the gate from your phone so you can securely receive the parcel you were waiting for without even being on the premises. We will design the best position for your intercom systems so no matter where you are in the home, answering guests will never be an issue.

CCTV cameras

Arriving home to a broken window but not knowing the cause? Leaving instructions for a courier to leave the parcel at the front door not the front gate, only to get home and find the parcel at the front gate on the street. Being able to have a look around your home when you are not there, or quickly check on your pet who has not been feeling the best is not as out of reach as you might think. Let’s face it, CCTV cameras around your home is a good idea for many reasons. Whether you are looking to install cameras in a commercial or residential environment, we only use professional grade surveillance gear to make sure that no matter what happens, it is all recorded on camera. We will design your installations to clearly capture everything you need, whether it be night or day.

Alarms systems

You can never be too sure that when you leave your home, you will come back and everything will be exactly as you left it. Unfortunately, break ins are all too common and no matter how much we want to think we live in a safe area, you can never be too sure that someone isn’t planning to have a look inside your home when no one is there. Thankfully, technology can make this harder for the people that are thinking to do so. Having an alarm system is one of the best security products your home can have. Not only may you be eligible for a reduction in the cost of home insurance, but most importantly you can leave your home with peace of mind that in the event something may happen, you will be instantly alerted via your phone as well as scaring off whoever is trespassing in your home. Set up various modes, including “home mode” which will ensure the areas where you sleep are not alarmed while other areas not in use while sleeping can be alarmed. Alarms tied into your home’s automation are even more effective as they are able to set up triggers like turning all external lighting on when the alarm is set off. We will take the time to assess the home and build a system that will give you the greatest level of protection.


Whether it be Rock’n’Roll, R&B, Classical, Jazz or today’s Pop, the great thing about music is that everyone loves it. With multiroom audio, you can have the ability to listen to what you want, when you want, as loud as you want. We can set up multiple zones to cater for everyone’s needs. One room can have Rock’n‘Roll playing while another has the smooth sounds of Jazz, or you can have the same music playing through the entire house. We can install zoning to suit your preferences as well as recommending the right speakers and amps for the right rooms. We can set up 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound zones for TV set ups to give you the ultimate in-house movie experience. Speakers come in a wide selection of shape and sizes, we will do the maths to get it right the first time, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy!

TV cabling and installations

Relaxing in front of the TV at home is where most of us spend a significant portion of our down time, so wouldn’t you want your TV set up to be perfect? Installing your TV at the perfect height in the best position in a room may sound like an easy task but there are several things to consider when doing so. We will run all of the cabling to suit your specific needs. You may want a Blu-ray player, Foxtel box or Apple TV to sit under your TV or have them hidden away in another room. Or maybe you want to control everything from your phone, whereby you can switch the TV on or off and everything in between to eliminate the need for multiple remotes. We will create a custom setup for you to ensure watching your TV a pleasure each and every time.

Data / Networking

The internet is the most common necessity in today’s homes. We are past the days of dial up where internet was a luxury, today almost everything we do relies on an internet connection – from looking up the contact details of your local takeaway restaurant to streaming your favourite TV show on Netflix. Your home automation system is only as good as your networking. We will design and install a networking system in your home to meet today’s standards, including getting rid of black spots in the home so you have a strong signal everywhere. We can install both hardwired and wireless options to make sure you have the best networking possible for your home.